Woods  lu126 Loader Attachment for Utility Tractors

LU Series loader mounts utilize the structural integrity inherent in 45 to 90 horsepower tractors and feature a center-point attachment—reducing obstructions and providing a much cleaner, more integrated look. A wrenchless, 2-pin mid-attach mount design allows for quick attaching and detaching of the loader boom from the tractor. Simply set the bucket on the ground, roll to release pressure on attachment pins, and set loader stand. Pull the attachment pins by hand, detach hydraulics, then drive out.
Recommended tractor horsepower 45-90
Bucket widths 72", 84"
Bucket rated capacity c.c. ft. (66" / 72") 17.1 / 20
Maximum digging depth 5"
Maximum lift height 126"
Clearance under bucket 101"
Reach at maximum height 29"
Bucket roll back angle 35°
Bucket dump angle 50°
Tested hydraulic PSI 2,750 psi
Lift capacity at bucket pin 3,000 lbs
Breakout at bucket pin 4,650 lbs
Lift capacity at 19.7” ahead of bucket pins 1,970 lbs
Breakout at 19.7” ahead of bucket pins 3,250 lbs
Pivot pins diameter 1.25"
Lift cylinder diameter 2.48
Bucket cylinder diameter 2.76"
Woods loader attachments
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