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round bale wagon
Round Bale Wagons

The ShurFeed Round Bale Wagon is constructed of heavy tubing. The 6”x12” main beam will prevent twisting or breaking under heavy or unbalanced loads. The 3”x3” crossmembers are designed to carry bales slightly tilted toward the center to make the load secure. The dolly in front is built heavy and designed to float with the bumps in the field so the load is always on both wheels. The rear axle is constructed of double 4”x4” tubing braced both horizontally and vertically. Choose either 8 or 10 bale wagon along with standard red or green. All wagons come with used truck tires.

round bale wagon
Round Bale Feeders

The ShurFeed Round Bale Feeder is designed with a hay basket to save hay.
It is constructed of 2”x2” tubing for the rings and 1” schedule 40 pipe for the slant bars and hay basket. Round bale feeders come with rubber tire base and no floor.
A floor can be added as an option.
The feeder is designed to be affordable and durable.

round bale wagon
Trough Feeders

5.5´ Single Trough Feeder
Lengths: 12', 16', 20', 24', 28', 32'

Shur Feed Trough Feeders are made for the rough environment of today's cattle feeding operation. Constructed of heavy 3/16” steel trough and heavy steel pipe for the slant bars and hay basket.

round bale wagon7.5´ Double Trough Feeder
Lengths: 12', 16', 20', 24'

The Double Trough feeder comes standard with a center ridge to divert feed to the outside where cattle can reach it. It also comes standard with the hay basket in the center to carry round or square bales of hay to reduce waste.

bale trough feeder for cattleAll feeders are available with skids, two wheels or four wheels and can be ordered with optional self-locking headlocks.