Woods  bb6000x  Brushbull Single Spindle Rotary Cutter

If you're looking for a rotary cutter to do the extreme, look no further. The Woods Heavy-Duty BrushBull TM Extreme TM is just the cutter you're dreaming about. With an extreme frame, extreme tail wheel, extreme deck ring and stump jumper, extreme skid shoes, and so much more, this cutter will make short work of heavy overgrowth and brush, tackling material up to 4-inches in diameter. Available in 5, 6, or 7 foot widths, you just can't get a better rotary cutter that offers all these great features.

When you talk about an extreme frame, no other brand cutter on the market offers the strength of two 3"x4" structural beams running the full length of the deck plate nordo they offer a 2" tubular bumper wrapping around the full rear, between the deck plate and the deck skirt. Woods BrushBull reduces more stress and increases strength and longevity by mounting our tail wheel at 4 points verses competitive models that only use 2 or 3 mount points. When you compare all of the advantages and exclusive features of our BrushBull, you'll be hard pressed to find a reason to buy any other single-spindle rotary cutter.

The Extreme design and performance of these BrushBull's make them excellent for rocky and rough terrain. Our unique octagon deck ring, our 3-piece deck plate, and our optimum blade tip speeds are just some of the reasons that make these cutters your best choice for this tough work. With the Woods name behind it, you know you’re going to get a great product with unmatched service and support.
Cutting width 60"
Transport width 68.5"
Overall length 104"
Cutting height range 2" - 12"
Approximate weight 1,330 lbs.
Tractor PTO horsepower 40 - 150
Tractor PTO speed 540 RPM
Hitch Category 1 & 2 / clevis
Safety Shielded Driveline Category 5
Driveline protection slip clutch
Gearbox output shaft diameter 2-3/8 inches
Gearbox Horsepower 150
Blades (2) 1/2x4 inch
Blades composition heat treated alloy steel
Blade carrier round stump jumper
Blade mount system/pin diameter quick change blade pins/1.5 inches
Number of spindles 1
Blade tip speed 13,575 FPM
Deck side depth 11.7"
Cutter Baffles Optional
Tail wheel - laminated tire 4 x 16 inch
Tail wheel mount 4-point
Frame & deck support 3" x 4" full length structural beams
Rear bumper 2" tubular
Skid-shoes Extreme duty replaceable
Cutter deck thickness 7 gauge
Side skirt thickness 1/4"
Cutting capacity 4"
prd6000 woods
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