Woods  do80  Offset Pull-type Multi-Spindle Rotary Cutter

The 80 inch cutting width, twin spindle design grass and weed cutter provides a near finish quality cut. Available in four configurations, mounted, pull type, mounted offset, and pull type offset - allowing a perfect match of cutter to application .

Woods exclusive Quick-Change blade holder assembly provides for easier, more convenient maintenance. This is ideal for orchards, parks and scenic roadways.
Cutting width 80"
Transport width 83"
Overall length 127"
Offset 23" right
Cutting height range 2" to 12 "
Approximate weight 1,450 lbs.
Tractor HP 25 - 75
Tractor PTO speed 540 RPM
3-point hitch pull type
Driveline Category 4
Driveline protection belt
Number of belts 4
Gearbox HP 60
Blade dimensions 3/8x3 inches
Number of blades 4
Number of spindles 2
Blade tip speed 13,920 FPM
Blade overlap .53"
Blade pin diameter 1.5"
Easy Quick Change blade pins yes
Spindle shaft diameter 1 3/8"
Cutter deck thickness 11 gauge
Side frame thickness 7 gauge
Deck side depth 9 3/8"
Side skids Full length, adjustable
Tailwheel 2 - 15 inch, D.C. rims
Woods mowers and cutters
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